some things.

1. New, real, full length post coming soon. Promise.

2. My husband impetuously changes his facial hair like I used to cut my hair in college.

3. My two favorite quotes from yesterday: (each of these took place at the church service for the developmentally disabled that I attend with my DD ward on Tuesday nights, said by two of my favorite attendees)

-“Oh, this is the hug I’ve been waiting for!” said one gentleman while hugging his girlfriend. “This is the hug I’ve been waiting for all this time!”

-After asking me when my baby was due and hearing that, while I’m not due for a few weeks, she could come anytime, this young man nodded wisely and said, “So your water’s been breaking then?”



Author: rebekahkayosborn

I am attempting to capture the events, non-events, and thoughts about each, as they occur in the increasing busy-ness of life. As my professors always said "You might want to write this down." Who knows what could turn out to be important?

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