the score at halftime.

Today marks the halfway point between 25 and 26 for me. This is not necessarily a momentous occasion, but I thought I would check back in on my list of 25 things, and see how I’ve been doing.

1. play guitar every day (more or less…don’t plan on packing it wherever I go)– I certainly have not been playing every day, but I have been playing exponentially more than in the previous two years. In the last few weeks it’s been every other day!
2. get a tattoo-In the works. I need ideas!
3. write one short story every other month [short-shorts (3-5 pgs) are allowed…I’m pretty excited/scared about this one]-that’s a big flop. I’ve got a couple brewing, but can’t seem to work up the courage to commit them to paper.
4. cook at least 2 new recipes per week- I’ve killed this one. On average, I’ve been cooking four new recipes a week lately. Often five.
5. read Bible every day [already failed. of course. :) ] Busted. Began afresh this week. And busted again.
6. have people over for lunch every Sunday that I don’t sing– Nope. We’ve had people over a few times, but not as much as I’d like.
7. take a vacation (we haven’t had one since we got married) – We went to Michigan with some friends and stayed in a lake house. Now I’d like a real-live getaway just for Matthew and me.
8. write one song for church, and one just-cuz song per month– This has been so-so. I’ve written a song a month for church, I have three in the works right now. Still working on a love song for Matthew. I can’t get over the fear of cheesiness.
9. learn how to sew– Mmm. Not yet.
10. re-invent one item of clothing per month (contingent upon number 9 being accomplished)-See above.
11. go to the library at LEAST every other week (I’m a fast reader, so I need to keep myself well stocked with material)– I was going weekly but haven’t gone in three weeks now.
12. record album of songs I write for my job at church, EP of others (bout darn time.) – In the works to be in the works.
13. tithe from every paycheck (we forget about half the time…just bein’ real.)– Whoops.
14. create a working budget (I’m halfway there…I’ve been tracking our spending for two months now)– Not happening this semester.
15. walk three times a week/start working out when I’m able– HA!
16. have a friend over for coffee [or other weather/time-appropriate beverages(e.g. lemonade, or wine :) ] at least once a week– I have been having my sister over almost weekly. Need to be more intentional about hosting!
17. read four child-rearing books [need to get my strategy on…Eliza may be easy going but she is also strong-willed (it’s possible. I’m the same way)]– I’ve read one child-rearing and one sleep routine book. Done for now. 🙂
18. start making our laundry detergent- We keep being given detergent, so not yet. Free is cheaper than making it!
19. go to an apple orchard- Didn’t happen this year. 😦
20. make one fancy dessert per month– I actually think I have accomplished this one. I mean, it’s dessert.
21. go on a picnic- Not yet.
22. play three shows (not very many, I know…but like three times how many I’ve played in the last year)– Oh yeah. Time to get on this.
23. make and fly a kite (I never have. Can you believe it?!)– Not yet.
24. adopt a pet (this one may not happen, as it greatly affects Matthew and Eliza, and not just me)– Eeee. Kinda sorta in the works?
25. host members of each of our families once a month (ish)– This has happened accidentally, I think. I haven’t been good about it.

Overall, while not an overwhelming success, I’m pretty pleased with how things are going. I’m a realist. 🙂


Author: rebekahkayosborn

I am attempting to capture the events, non-events, and thoughts about each, as they occur in the increasing busy-ness of life. As my professors always said "You might want to write this down." Who knows what could turn out to be important?

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