Religion vs. Jesus response

Disclaimer: SUPER Christian-y. Sorry…but I had to respond to this video. Sorry if this weirds you out or doesn’t apply to you. 🙂 Tune in later for a post that will be funny or lighthearted. 🙂

Have you seen this video? It’s kind of exploded on Facebook the last couple of days.

I think there is much merit in this video, although I have a few concerns. Mainly, I believe that the regenerated heart must love God, and a big part of loving God is communicated through obedience, through doing. I believe that we are incapable of obeying God unless he changes our hearts, but once we have been made alive to Jesus,we can have no other response. I think there is value in developing self-discipline, and that dying to self means that sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do, because your old self is directly opposed to Jesus.  But just because you emotionally don’t have the desire to do something doesn’t mean that it lacks value. I believe that discipline does not equal dead. And while we are made sons of God, we are still called to be slaves to righteousness.

But the difference between this and dead religious hypocrisy is that the truly regenerated person will embrace failure, humbly acknowledge it, and not let it condemn or control him or her, while the dead religious person will hide in fear, believing that he or she must at least put on the front of perfection, because that is all they have. You who are alive: always fight, even when you don’t feel like it. I don’t think that’s hypocrisy. I think that’s sanctification.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy believes everything I just said. But the bummer about videos like these is that they oversimplify something that should not be oversimplified.

For a more comprehensive review, if you’re into that sort of thing, check out this guy’s verse-by-verse breakdown.


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