weekly bullet points.

1. I love breakfast. I always have, but lately when I finally sit down and eat my own breakfast after getting Eliza up, feeding her breakfast, and putting back down for her morning nap, I get the treat of feeling number two wiggle around like crazy. The breakfast hour is the hour for baby movement evidently.

2. Eliza loves the shoes Grandma Linda gave her so much that the past two days when she goes down for her naps, she won’t lie down until I give the shoes to her so she can snuggle with them.

3. Matthew’s sister and her kids are coming into town today and tomorrow. We’re watching the kiddos while she fills her responsibilities as a member of a bridal party in a wedding that’s happening tomorrow. So for a few hours today and tomorrow, I’ll go from being responsible for one child, to taking care of three. It’s kind of weirding me out. I obviously don’t babysit much. : )

4. I’ve been thinking off and on about Eliza’s first birthday, which will occur in three (only three!) weeks. I’m not much of a party planner, but I think I may use the excuse to bake a cake, like a fun one. We shall see. I might end up simply baking cookies the day of, and making signs on printer paper for decorations. : ) Just because I’m a mom now, I’m not fundamentally changed from the person I used to be, and the monumental occasion of the first birthday party is showing that quite clearly.


Author: rebekahkayosborn

I am attempting to capture the events, non-events, and thoughts about each, as they occur in the increasing busy-ness of life. As my professors always said "You might want to write this down." Who knows what could turn out to be important?

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